Insurance Billing for Your Midwifery Care

For our clients that have insurance we provide billing services through Larsen Billing Service.  You can find more information about Larsen Billing Service by visiting their website at  Below you will find some details about our insurance billing services or for complete details come in for a New Client Interview or one of our monthly open houses.

 Insurance Billing for your Midwifery Care

General Information about Health Insurance

  • Selah Midwifery Center is not contracted with any health insurance plans
  • There is almost always some level of coverage for out-of-hospital midwifery care under you out-of-network maternity benefits
  • Insurance plans typically have a deductible and a co-payment that the client is responsible for paying.
  • Your insurance plan determines the amount that the company will pay for your care.  Sometimes the amount that your insurance plan is willing to pay (the allowable amount) is significantly less than the amount that is billed for your care.
  • Your co-pay is based on the allowable amount determined by your insurance plan
  • For instance, you have an insurance plan that has a $500 deductible and then pays 70% after the deductible has been met.
  • Your health care provider bills your insurance company $5,000 for the care they provide.
  • Your insurance plan determines that the allowable amount is $2,000.
  • You pay the $500 to meet your deductible.
  • Your insurance company then pays 70% of the remaining $1,500, which is $1,050.
  • You owe your provider $3950.
Your insurance plan will not release allowable amounts for out-of-network providers prior to the service being rendered.  This makes it difficult to estimate your out-of-pocket expenses. 

How our Billing Service Works

At the onset of care, you will complete a Financial Agreement with Selah Midwifery Center, you will also complete your intake and history through Private Practice, and a payment Plan agreement. Selah Midwifery Center uses Larsen Billing Service, a company dedicated to billing for midwifery care services, to bill out all insurance claims.  We at Selah Midwifery Center provide Larsen billing Service with the services we provided and they bill the insurance companies. Your insurance cannot be billed until the birth of your baby or a transfer of care happens.
If your care is transferred to another provider and Selah Midwifery Center does not assist you in the birth of your baby, all services rendered will be itemized instead of billing the Global OB Care code.  This means that if you transfer during labor and delivery we will bill your insurance for every hour of labor support, days at the birth center, prenatal visits and every other service provided that is normally part of the Global OB code.  Please be aware that any special visits will be billed separately, as they are not a part of the Global OB Care. 

Insurance Billing Fees

There is a $20 fee, to be paid in advance, for your Verification of Benefits.  This will be done by going to and filling out the Client Registration form online.  This should be done before beginning care with Selah Midwifery Center.  For more information, please contact the office at (208) 745-7571

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