Childbirth Classes

Selah Midwifery Childbirth Class

Six week Childbirth Course at the Birth Center in Rigby.

Topics Include: 
*Pregnancy and Early Labor
*Active Labor and Transition: Setting the Stage
*Pushing, Immediate Postpartum, and Newborn Procedures
*And Breastfeeding
*Relaxation Techniques at Every Class
*Call Stephanie or Lauren to Schedule yours

Plane Beginnings

Lamaze Childbirth classes
Six week childbirth course at my home in Idaho Falls.  Topics covered include:
*anatomy and physiology of pregnancy
*stages of labor
*pain management and comfort measures
*breastfeeding and postpartum recovery
Schedule by your 8th month of pregnancy
Julie Harker Buck

Birth Boot Camp

Birth Boot Camp is a 10 week course designed for couples who are wanting an un-medicated, intervention-free birth.  You will learn everything from nutrition during pregnancy and techniques for coping during labor to what to expect postpartum and breastfeeding.  Couples will learn relaxation techniques to practice together before the big day.


Klarissa Kelley

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