Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation

Taking placenta capsules postpartum, can have many benefits. The placenta contains a powerful mix of your own hormones, vitamins, and minerals including iron. Placenta capsules have been shown to:

  • encourage healthy breast milk production

  • replenish iron and other essential nutrients

  • decrease fatigue

  • decrease postpartum bleeding time

  • decrease after pains and speed uterine involution

  • ease postpartum hormonal fluctuations

*the benefits of consuming placenta come from anecdotal evidence

How does it work?

Your placenta is picked up within 24 hours of birth to begin the encapsulation process, and the completed capsules are delivered to you within 48 hours of pick up.

The placenta is prepared according to Traditional Chinese Medicine ideas. This means the placenta is first steamed with hot pepper and ginger (in the boiling water) and then dehydrated for  8-10 hours before being ground and placed in vegetarian capsules.

What do I, the client need to do?

If you are a client of Selah Midwifery Center, all you need to do is let your midwife know that you are interested in placenta encapsulation.

If you plan to give birth at an area hospital, you will need to contact:   

Selah Midwifery Center or Lauren Garcia at

 (208)745-7571 or (208)351-0540

to confirm availability and schedule the postpartum details.

You will also need to notify your care provider as well as your labor and delivery nurse, that you intend to have your placenta encapsulated. Within one hour of the birth, the placenta should be placed in a cooler, lunch box, or refrigerator until it can be picked up.

What is the cost?

Placenta encapsulation including pick up and delivery of the completed product, costs $200*. (*check for additional costs for out of area and placenta of multiples)

Our encapsulators are educated about universal precautions and  blood-borne pathogens as well as safe food handling to ensure you are provided with a safe product.



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