I loved Selah and everyone there! They answered any questions I had and helped me get though my natural birth! It was an amazing experience and yes I would definitely do it again!

Selah has a wonderful staff and I am grateful to them for helping me have a beautiful birthing experience! They are supportive and knowledgeable!

Aubrey Bailey reviewed Selah Midwifery Center — 5 star

My husband and I loved our experience here. It it was so nice to be surrounded by people who view childbirth as a normal, natural experience that your body knows how to handle.I truly believe that my experience went so well because of the environment there. These lady’s don’t push you into anything. They tell you your options and trust your intuition a lot. I would definitely go back.

Stephanie Brough-Vineyard reviewed Selah Midwifery Center — 5 star

Exactly one year ago today, I had a home birth with Kathy and Klarisa (and Dani, who has since moved on to her own practice), and it was the best experience of my life. My home birth was everything I had dreamed of and I’m so grateful to have met Kathy and the other ladies at Selah. I’ll be coming back for future babies, no question about it!

Kyra Jenkins Brookover  recommends Selah Midwifery Center.

December 23, 2018

My prenatal and birth experience were beautiful and exactly what I wanted. I wouldn’t change a thing. These ladies know how to make you feel heard and safe. They even helped me to catch and deliver my own baby like I wanted. It was the most powerful thing I’ve ever done. I loved every moment. I never could have done it without Selah. I will recommend them till the day I die. Absolute perfection.

Krista Valdez reviewed Selah Midwifery Center — 5 star

I just had baby number 3 (second baby born at Selah) two weeks ago, and it was absolutely amazing. I just love all the ladies at Selah and felt completely safe and cared for during my pregnancy and birth. I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience.

Abigail Winjum reviewed Selah Midwifery Center — 5 star

To put into words how I feel about Kathy and the team at Selah almost brings me to tears! The love, care and support we received throughout my entire pregnancy, birth and postpartum was truly a blessing. I was a first time mom and had a peaceful home water birth, surrounded by the ones I love most. It was really important to me to have a birth where I felt in control, not rushed or coached, but able to do what my body already knew how. My Husband and I highly recommend this team! The greatest moment of our life was spent along side these incredible women!


Luke Gerrick  ~ 

This was our first time at a birthing center with a midwife. We have had three children at home and one in the hospital. This has been the best experience! Kathy and the team at Selah are amazing. I could go on and on. They make a great first impression and their care speaks for itself! Highly recommend Selah!


Cathy Hawke Villagomez  ~ 

Both of my pregnancy & births were cared by these  wonderful women. We had the best experiences with them and they are like family to us. Thanks Selah for everything.

Julie George  ~ 

Love the ladies at Selah! Best birthing experiences I’ve had with both of my littles. This was exactly what I was looking for and wanted. The support and education was beyond compare. I’ll be sending everyone their way forever!

Kimberly Ryszka ~ 

Jaqui Folsom  ~ 

Truly a priceless experience. My home water birth was everything and more I ever dreamed of. Amazing and caring ladies. The care we received was absolutely above and beyond our expectations.

Amanda Marie Adams  ~ 

I have been with these ladies for both of my pregnancies! They are sweet, kind, attentive, and extremely knowledgeable! Both of my home births were magical as they helped me bring my kids safely into the world! I couldn’t have asked for or found better expert care to for my pregnancies and birth! I would recommend their services to anyone!

Elizabeth Young ~ 

I had both of my children here and will continue to give birth here! All of the midwives are caring and great to work with. I searched the area for good midwives. I thought they were a bit far away, but I kept coming back to their name and after the first visit I was hooked! I highly recommend Selah Birthing Center to anyone seeking a more calm and natural birth experience.

Courtney Rae Hinman ~ 

Blanca Rico ~ 

Love this place!! Absolutely one of the best experiences of my life. These ladies helped me have the birthing experience I always wanted.

Belén Kiester ~ 

Wonderful, evidence-based care that is given with compassion and understanding! They are very encouraging and give you resources so you can educate yourself. I felt capable and empowered!

Aubrey Bailey ~ 

My husband and I loved our experience here. It it was so nice to be surrounded by people who view childbirth as a normal, natural experience that your body knows how to handle.I truly believe that my experience went so well because of the environment there. These lady’s don’t push you into anything. They tell you your options and trust your intuition a lot. I would definitely go back.

Kenzie Robinson ~ 

These are amazing women! In my times of self doubt, they gave me reassurance. I wouldn’t change my experience for the world! Thanks for everything ladies

Sara Carney ~ 

Best childbirth services around. So much more caring than other options. Selah goes the extra mile to care for you, your family, your newborn. Calm, holistic as needed, medical when necessary

Amy Hanson ~ 

The best moments of my life were spent here. Truly a priceless experience. Trustworthy and dedicated staff.

Amanda Wolz ~ 

I love these ladies! Seriously, people think we are crazy to drive up from poky for our visits but these ladies, and the care and attention they give are worth it.

GabrielandKristen Lowe ~ 

I’m 20 weeks pregnant so my journey isn’t complete yet but I truly love being a “patient” here. It feels more like going to visit friends than anything. I feel like I’m their only patient when I’m there. UPDATE: had an amazing home birth July 7,2014. The care that we received was absolutely above and beyond any expectation. Our midwives and their assistant have officially been adopted as honorary Aunts. We can’t say enough good about our experience and these amazing ladies!

The midwives at Selah were wonderful throughout my pregnancy and birth. They devoted a full hour at each appointment, allowing me to ask all my first-timer questions and get to know them personally. By the time my due date came around I felt so comfortable with these women. My homebirth was everything I dreamed of. There were a few moments when baby was in distress and the midwives were so calm and capable. In the end, I had my natural homebirth and beautiful baby boy thanks to the amazing midwives and assistants at Selah.

Kiley N. Knight ~ 

An amazing group of women who are dedicated to their clients. I appreciate the amazing experience they offered with my home water birth of my first son and I look forward to a birth center birth with my second son any day now.

Christi N Josh Sykes ~ 

The best place, next to home, to have your baby 🙂

Where do I begin? These ladies have become my Tribe. I entrusted them with the single most important day of my life and I will never regret it. From the personalized prenatal care, to the genuin postpartum care, myself and my baby have been in loving, professional hands the entire Journey. I can’t thank them enough. Even if you don’t think Natural Birth is for you, I urge anyone and everyone to visit their center and learn what they have to offer.

2 Comments on “Reviews

  1. Choosing to give birth at Selah instead of a hospital was the best choice for our first baby. The people at Selah became our friends. They cared about us. They answered all our questions. My husband and I felt comfortable and confident with the staff and Midwife Kathy and Dani. I was even able to do a birth boot camp class over a five week period before my delivery day. Just so i would be prepared. Usually its ten weeks.
    I felt completely prepared for a long labor. Which is good because mine was 46hrs long. But not once did I feel neglected. They went above and beyond to spend that amount of time with my husband and I. They took exceptional care of me, encouraging me when it got to the painful pushing part. We love them., and appreciate their sacrifice.
    I was filled with joy when our beautiful daughter Megan arrived healthy. She is so precious and a great blessing to us.
    Also the postpartum care was excellent too. All our needs were met. Our Megan had difficulty learning to latch, but we figured it out with the help of Klarisa and also some help from WIC.

    If Midwifery is the way you want to go then I recommend Selah its where you’ll feel at home.


  2. I had a traumatic birth with my first son and was looking for a positive experience this time around. The women at Selah gave that to me and I will forever be grateful to them.

    They were caring, attentive, supportive, and knowledgeable. At my visits to the birth center it felt like I was talking to good friends. I felt completely comfortable with them and so did my son.

    During my home birth they were incredibly supportive and listened to what I needed. They helped me to be confident in myself and my body’s ability to push my baby out.

    My son, Archer came out into a warm, loving atmosphere where every person in the room was so happy to see his little face and hear his tiny cries. His birth was truly beautiful and I loved having my team there to help me through it and celebrate with me.

    In the weeks following the birth I came to them with every concern and problem I had. They were always available to help or reassure me They even came to my house when I needed extra care.

    I would recommend Selah to anyone. Kathy, Lauren, and Stephanie are absolutely wonderful. Even though I’m no longer under their care I will still be looking for excuses to stop by the birth center!


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